Data Management Platform
for Oracle Cloud Users
ANY Source to Oracle
Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
within Minutes.

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To take advantage of OCI,
you must migrate your data and virtual machines,
which until recently, was no simple task.

Seamlessly move virtual machines and
data from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Classic to (OCI).
Unlock cost-effective and scalable data management services
across hybrid cloud, cross-cloud, and cross-region environments.
Automate long-term data retention to (OCI) with a powerful
policy engine. Ensure encryption in-flight and at-rest for all
data sent to OCI. Simplify archival for your OCI backup.

Migrate Virtual Machines (VMs) from OCI Classic to OCI

Moving from (OCI) Classic to (OCI) without taking down the VMs and disrupting mission-critical operations has historically been a time-consuming headache.

Now, DBM Cloud Systems’ Advanced Intelligent Replication Engine (AIRE) automates this process for you, ensuring your migration of VMs is swift, secure and involves minimal downtime.

Move Data from OCI Classic to OCI

OCI is a huge upgrade from Oracle’s OCI Classic. Yet manually moving data from OCI Classic to the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be time consuming and expensive. DBM Cloud Systems’ Advanced Intelligent Replication Engine (AIRE) replicates and migrates petabyte-scale data with one click of a button.

What once took months, now takes minutes. Secure, hassle-free, with an unprecedented ability to scale and fill any size network pipe.

Migrate & Replicate Data from On-Premise to OCI

Data replication across hybrid-cloud models can be costly and complex. It creates potential challenges for big data analytics, application performance, and regulatory compliance.

DBM Cloud Systems’ seamless and cost-effective solution, AIRE, migrates and replicates data across the hybrid-cloud environment – fast. In fact, AIRE is the only cloud-native data replication platform built for all hybrid-cloud environments.

The most scalable solution on the market, AIRE increases cost-efficiencies, drives better application performance, and ensures business compliance.

Move Data Stored from Any Public Cloud Vendor into OCI

There’s a major shift underway. Organizations like yours are moving to OCI to reduce total cost of ownership, improve performance and reliability, and for development, test, disaster recovery, demonstrations and a host of customer solutions.

No matter where your data resides — AWS, Google, Microsoft, IBM, — AIRE capabilities can be deployed anywhere, on the Cloud(s) of your choice.

AIRE ensures your cross-region replication is swift, secure and hassle-free.

AIRE automatically handles important elements of your cross-region replication, including the application of rules governing which data is replicated to which end-point to insure compliance with disaster recovery, corporate policy and/or regulatory and legal requirements. Set the rules once and forget them, or modify your data replication rules from time to time to meet your business needs.

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