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The challenges from cloud data silos motivated us to create a company.

Our founders combined their experience in storage, enterprise computing, applications and data protection. They saw first-hand how cloud data siloes slowed the ability of companies to grow, innovate, reinvent themselves and make better decisions around their cumulative data footprints. Without data universally easily flowing and merging between data stores and on-premises, companies will continue to be throttled in their ability to get the most benefit out of all their data assets. We came up with a better way to solve this problem and DBM Cloud Systems was born.

How can we help cloud data be easily accessible?

Another frustration we hear repeatedly is the inability to quickly locate a very specific object. Companies store lots of data in the cloud but finding and retrieving a specific object in the cloud – a video for a legal matter, a drawing to support an acquisition's due diligence, a movie scene created by a contractor, or brand creative that needs to be updated - is hard, time consuming and expensive.

How can we make cloud data universal?

Our founders connected the dots between these two issues: Tearing down data silos and object accessibility are both about universal data.

Data is intended to be moved around and merged with other data residing on different data stores to support business processes, online businesses, analytics, big data and the full range of enterprise applications.

We realized there is a better way to approach cloud data management. One that meets the expectations of CIOs, CloudOps managers and business executives, enabling them to control when and where they put their data and to be sure they are in compliance with their local or global policies.

We believe customers should be able to replicate individual objects across data stores yet have them act as 'native' to the destination endpoint so companies have more control over their data, securely and easily. We also believe that as data changes, those changes should be synchronized and traceable to ensure data integrity, regardless of where it (and its copies) resides. Every organization has a long list of agencies and policies they need to comply with. Your cloud data management system should automatically support compliance, easily and securely making sure the right data is at the right endpoint.

Whether the cloud is used for backup and recovery, content collaboration, analytics or running cloud-based enterprise applications, we believe that CIOs and CloudOps managers need to have their time freed to do other strategic things. Our DBM Object Management Engine (DOME) engine does this, automatically, securely, and flexibly.

That belief is what launched DBM Cloud Systems. We have built an intelligent engine that enables CSPs and MSPs to give CIOs the ability to achieve their cloud strategy goals.

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